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About evymoon

Music Producer • Soundtrack composer • Audio Engineer
Born of an author mother and a computer scientist father, Evymoon has always been blending art with technology and he's willing to share his best for your songs.


Evymoon in different studio and different consoles producing music to make you feel better
"Practice should always be based upon a sound knowledge of theory."
— Leonardo da Vinci


Will you be the next one to play with him at
The Golden Heart Studio ?

Evymoon's singing and playing guitar and bass live on same stage with Katy Perry, in Le Bataclan, with Jenifer, facing Alps in Tignes festival or writing song in Paris gardens

Perfectly located by the beach the The Golden Heart Studio is fully equipped with the best hybrid tools of modern music production :

• SSL Nucleus, with 2 SSL SuperAnalog preamps
• UAD Apollo original with 4 Unison preamps that emulate best preamps from famous Neve 1073 to any guitar or bass amp.
• 16 analog i/o
• Condenser, tube and dynamic mics (Neumann, AKG, Electro-Voice)
• Acoustic Piano
• Pro plugins only : SSL, UAD, Izotope, …

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